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CaCl2 SuperAbsorbent sachets

CaCl2 SuperAbsorbent sachets
Product name : CaCl2 SuperAbsorbent sachets
Item : HiL-044
Details :
Our Hileading Long CaCl2 SuperAbsorbent desiccnt is very good, and owning Moisture absorption rate of over 200% (8-10times than silica gel' absorption capacity), mainly used in the transport of goods in the prevention of the container, packaging box, the internal cause of wet, condensation of water damage. Products of green environmental protection, belonging to food grade, to ensure that the product will not cause pollution to the environment.
1. It can do Sustainable and effective absorption of 60 days, Can absorb more than 250% of their own weight of water
2 packaging on the use of  Tyvek (the best packing material), to prevent water infiltration.
3 products within the water absorption of calcium chloride.
4 after absorbing water into the gel, to avoid the formation of liquid overflow.
5 the use of green materials manufacturing, products, environmental protection, the people and the environment without pollution.
Recommended placement:
20 feet container placed 4-5 pcs (1000g/pc with hook)
40 feet container placed 8-10 pcs (1000g/pc with hook)
Product range:
1 daily necessities: furniture, ceramics, glassware, plastic products, tableware, kitchen items, clothes, shoes, buttons, bags, jewelry, toys...
2 Electronics: mobile phones, digital products, computer games, computers, computer accessories, electronic components, master......
3 Hardware: hardware. Precision mechanical equipment. The instrument.. screw metal wire......
4 industry: process products, plastic products and raw materials, packaging, printing products, military products, science and technology products......
5 food: fruit. Sorghum. Rice. Beans. Canned biscuits. Dried fruit.. mooncakes. Alcohol. Bird's nest seafood. Ginseng......
6 medical: medicine, medical equipment, Chinese herbal medicine......
Use but not limited to the above products.